Thursday, December 27, 2012

Accidental 'Pop Art'


I recently had an 'organised' moment, wherein I decided to go through all my old photo cards, and just check if there was any files left on them, and clear them, ready for future use.

Previously I had had trouble with one of the cards; Told that the card was empty, even though I'd recently used it in my camera. I had just considered the photos lost.
However, after checking the card on the PC via a multi card reader (previously I had used my Mac), I discovered that some of the photos were recoverable - Although, I'm quite sure they didn't look like this when I originally took them!

The above is a selection of the images, grouped together based on their bright colouring - Just a sample of the photo files retrieved from the damaged card.

It has been suggested that maybe the card was subjected to too much heat. ...Whatever the reason, I'm now in possession of some rather funky looking images - Which I have come to grow rather fond of, and felt were too cool not to share.

I think they have a real '60s Pop Art' feel.

...Quite sure I could have never produced anything this cool if it was intentional...

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hindmarsh Island


The above photos were taken at Hindmarsh Island and surrounding areas (Currency Creek, etc).

For the love of Poppies!

If you are familiar with my work, you may have noticed that I have just a little bit of a photographic crush on Poppies... They're just such a gorgeous bloom

The following photos are all of Late-Spring Poppy blooms - All grown in our garden, majority from seed. 

 Red Poppy Poppies - Spring Flower
Poppy Poppies Peach - Spring flower stem Poppies Red - Rememberance

Poppies Poppy Close Up - Pink Peach Yellow. Dew Drops

Hot pink poppies - spring flowers

Poppies Poppy pink peach yellow - Rain drops dew - Spring flower

Poppy Red

Poppy Pink Peach - Green & Yellow - rain drops dew in spring

Poppies Red Poppy Stem - Spring Flower