Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lavender & Disco

Enhanced photos

Lavender: Photo taken at Peppers Cottage, Burra, on a cold foggy morning, as the sun was just touching on the highest of the Lavender stems.
Enhancement: This photo only needed a small amount of adjustment to reach it's potential; I slightly tipped the colour scale towards more blue and magenta, and I added a bit of enhancement to the highlights and saturation.
The result: Gorgeous, soft purple and aqua hues - Looking almost as though it has been painted; Maybe even a bit 'Monet'? It's definitely my new favourite.

DiscoBall:Photo taken at my partners Fathers retro themed 50th. The disco ball hung above a traditional, 'black & white' (faux), tiled dance floor, as lasers danced and mirrored around the party.
Enhancement: The original photo was a little dull for my liking, so I threw the colour scale completely out of balance in favour of magenta and blue, which in contrast, highlighted the lime green lasers. I also gave a major boost to the highlights and colour saturation, and upped the contrast.
The result: A bright, metallic, glittering ball, that still looks as though it's spinning, beaming a rainbow of colours.

Afterthought: I'm really kind of loving the name 'Lavender & Disco'!
Could be a good name for a label...

Sunday, June 17, 2012


I got my first Poppy bloom yesterday!!!

This was grown from a store bought seedling (Discount plant section at Bunnings actually) - My seed grown Poppies have long way to go yet before they bloom.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pretty Little Things

Hardengergia - White blossom little flowers stem - Purple & Grey Paintings DIY Rose Petals brown & Hot pink Australian Dot Painting and swirls
Elk Yellow Leather Satchel Bag & Fallen Autumn Leaves on sidewalk in Hahndorf, South Australia Lavender Photograph in Burra Morning Sun Glow Bed & Breakfast
Roses Hot Pink stems in Clear glass vase flower arrangement display Yellow Rose Petals Photograph Burra Bed & Breakfast Old Fashioned
Purple & White flower blossoms Hardenbergia Australian Native Photograph
Poppies, Poppy - Bright Hot Pink Petals Close Up Photography

Some recent photos for your viewing pleasure :)

Photo's starting left to right, top to bottom:
  1. Hardenbergia - A native climber/ground cover, which looks a little similar to Wisteria
  2. A couple of paintings I've been working on recently.
  3. My satchel on the ground, surrounded by fallen yellow leaves - Taken at Handorf. Leather satchel by Elk.
  4. Lavender - Taken at Peppers cottage, Burra.
  5. Vase of hot pink Roses - Cut from our standard rose bushes.
  6. 'Vintage style' yellow Rose - Taken at Peppers cottage, Burra.
  7. Hardenbergia - Taken in our garden.
  8. Poppy - My first bloom for the season.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Winter Gardening


Even though Winter has set in, I've still been enjoying my gardening - I've planted thousands of seeds recently - quite literally! I threw packets and packets worth of seeds all over the garden (I may have gone a little crazy...I wanted to guarantee my odds!) and tiny little seedlings have shot up everywhere!
It's not much to look at, at the moment, so there was no point taking a photo, but I am hoping by Spring I shall be rewarded with a mass of flowers!
I am also germinating a whole lot of seeds in my new mini green house, which are all looking quite promising!
I'm currently growing from seed: Candytuft, Gypsophila, Lavender (Which I'm really excited about, as they take a little more patience than your average seed), Lobelia, Poppies, Virginian Stock, Impatiens, Lettuce, Cabbage, Thyme, Basil, Sage, Peppermint (The only one I haven't had any luck with yet), Parsley, Alyssum, Snow Peas, Beans, Leek, Shallots, Turnip, Radish, Carrot and Onion, plus a bunch of mixed flower packet seeds.

It's also really exciting to see all the bulbs popping up - We have masses of Jonquils flowering already too! (pictured above)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012



My partner's parents recently purchased an old 1860s cottage (Miss Mabels) in Burra, which they are doing-up, in attempt to restore the cottage to it's former glory and turn it back into a B&B (as it is currently being tenanted).
So we have been invited to join them in Burra the past two weekends to help - Although, I'm not sure how much help I've actually been (I think more than anything I've just complained about the cold!) but my partner and his parents have been making great progress!

Taking advantage of the beautiful country surroundings, I've been out and about with my camera and above are some examples (all photos are untouched).
All photo's were taken in and around Miss Mabels Cottage.