Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I had a perfect photo opportunity when 4 canaries decided to land on my arm, but my lens was too big, and I couldn't get the camera to focus one handed. So I missed out, but I did manage to get this shot which I quite like...

A Walk Along The Jetty...


Just a few quick shots I took down at Largs today, while visiting a friend - Lucky bugger lives right across the road!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

November Rain

I just wanted to share these pictures of the most amazing necklace a friend of mine, Mark Arstall made, and so generously gave to me. This piece was handmade, constructed from 172 individual pieces of silver. It's actually the music for November Rain - Guns N' Roses!
I've never seen anything like it! Thank you so much Mark!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Nanna's Up-Coming Exhibition

My extremely talented Nanna is having an exhibition during June at the Mt Barker Gallery, which you should all come and see if you get the chance!
'Joanne Hughes studied Textile Art, together with other Art subjects at Para West Adult Campus for five years, from 2001. 
For four years, Joanne was President of the Gawler Quilting Circle and co-ordinated eleven local art and textile groups to present the Bi-ennial Textile Arts Weekend in 2007 and 2009...
Currently, she is involved with the Gawler Textile Artists who meet monthly to share ideas and techniques, and takes part in many “challenge” projects with given themes.
 She has also exhibited at the Gawler Community Gallery, the Kapunda Community Gallery, Itch and Stitch, Gladstone, and has work on the walls in the wards of the Gawler Health Service.
Joanne has attended many workshops and classes in various fields of Textile Art, including the Melrose Fibre School weekends for the past two years, completing classes in “Fabric Manipulation” and “Embroidered Seascapes”.
When entering the  Bi-ennial Gawler Art Award, Joanne  had success with “Touch of the Nile” which  was winner of the Textile Category at the Gawler Art Award in 2006, and “Bush Camp at Dawn”which won the Textile Category at Gawler Art Award in 2008.
This piece was sold at an auction for a charity event in April this year.
 Recently, Joanne has ventured into using  more adventurous colours, ‘found objects’ and design to create some abstract and stylized forms of fabric art.'

Monday, May 9, 2011

Jasmine & Rose


Rose & Jasmine - 2010
watercolour & felt tip pen

A Collection - My First Solo Exhibition

The above is from my first solo exhibition which was held during March at the Gawler Community Gallery, at which I am a member and volunteer.

The photo was taken by my friend Kate (Thanks Kate! - Check out her awesome blogs Frangipani & Clove and Something By Kate) as my photo's all came out blurry! The exhibition advertisement was designed by my friend Jess Walkden (Thank you too, Jess!). I'm so lucky to have been blessed with such good friends. (Otherwise I would have no pictures for my post!)

The exhibition wasn't exactly up to the standard as I would have liked it to have been, probably due to my organisation skills, but it was definitely a great learning experience. I now know what to expect when putting on an exhibition, what to do and what not to do. I was fortunate enough to sell 2 pieces that I was exhibiting though.

'What a stunningly elegant first solo exhibition. Elise oozes talent, with her drawing, painting,
photography and floral arrangements.' Gawler Community Gallery Newsletter

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Beautiful Ubud


The above are some shots I took in Ubud in February, when I was in Bali last.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My first try at Paper Cutting

Today I decided to try my hand at some paper-cutting, and I am pretty pleased with my results - Pretty good for an afternoons work!
First step is to draw up a design, which all links together, which I soon realised is a little harder than it looks. I want the piece to sit on the entry hall table in my house, so eventually I settled on the above design, which i thought had a 'homie' feel.
The next step is the cutting. I'd previously purchased a cheap set of wood carving scalpels, which worked perfectly. I first began cutting the 'easier' bits with scissors, but quickly abandoned this idea, as it wasn't as neat as using a scalpel.
The small fiddly bits were a bit of a challenge, but I finished successfully, with the whole thing in tact!
None of the letters are exactly 'perfect' and the S's are pretty shit-house, but overall, I'm happy with my first attempt.
I might have to look at using stronger card next time, as it was a bit touch and go with the thin bits staying in tact. I'm also thinking of possibly spray painting the paper-cut before framing it - To cover a few bits where the colour has ripped, and I'm hoping it may also have the added effect of making it stronger.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Apple Blossom

 Apple Blossom Sketch - lead pencil & felt tip pen - 2010

Fashion Sketches

The following are some old fashion sketches I did back in 2007 on scrap paper with pen, while at work I believe - You can even see the header coming through on the left - oops!