Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My first try at Paper Cutting

Today I decided to try my hand at some paper-cutting, and I am pretty pleased with my results - Pretty good for an afternoons work!
First step is to draw up a design, which all links together, which I soon realised is a little harder than it looks. I want the piece to sit on the entry hall table in my house, so eventually I settled on the above design, which i thought had a 'homie' feel.
The next step is the cutting. I'd previously purchased a cheap set of wood carving scalpels, which worked perfectly. I first began cutting the 'easier' bits with scissors, but quickly abandoned this idea, as it wasn't as neat as using a scalpel.
The small fiddly bits were a bit of a challenge, but I finished successfully, with the whole thing in tact!
None of the letters are exactly 'perfect' and the S's are pretty shit-house, but overall, I'm happy with my first attempt.
I might have to look at using stronger card next time, as it was a bit touch and go with the thin bits staying in tact. I'm also thinking of possibly spray painting the paper-cut before framing it - To cover a few bits where the colour has ripped, and I'm hoping it may also have the added effect of making it stronger.

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