Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lavender & Disco

Enhanced photos

Lavender: Photo taken at Peppers Cottage, Burra, on a cold foggy morning, as the sun was just touching on the highest of the Lavender stems.
Enhancement: This photo only needed a small amount of adjustment to reach it's potential; I slightly tipped the colour scale towards more blue and magenta, and I added a bit of enhancement to the highlights and saturation.
The result: Gorgeous, soft purple and aqua hues - Looking almost as though it has been painted; Maybe even a bit 'Monet'? It's definitely my new favourite.

DiscoBall:Photo taken at my partners Fathers retro themed 50th. The disco ball hung above a traditional, 'black & white' (faux), tiled dance floor, as lasers danced and mirrored around the party.
Enhancement: The original photo was a little dull for my liking, so I threw the colour scale completely out of balance in favour of magenta and blue, which in contrast, highlighted the lime green lasers. I also gave a major boost to the highlights and colour saturation, and upped the contrast.
The result: A bright, metallic, glittering ball, that still looks as though it's spinning, beaming a rainbow of colours.

Afterthought: I'm really kind of loving the name 'Lavender & Disco'!
Could be a good name for a label...

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