Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pretty Little Things

Hardengergia - White blossom little flowers stem - Purple & Grey Paintings DIY Rose Petals brown & Hot pink Australian Dot Painting and swirls
Elk Yellow Leather Satchel Bag & Fallen Autumn Leaves on sidewalk in Hahndorf, South Australia Lavender Photograph in Burra Morning Sun Glow Bed & Breakfast
Roses Hot Pink stems in Clear glass vase flower arrangement display Yellow Rose Petals Photograph Burra Bed & Breakfast Old Fashioned
Purple & White flower blossoms Hardenbergia Australian Native Photograph
Poppies, Poppy - Bright Hot Pink Petals Close Up Photography

Some recent photos for your viewing pleasure :)

Photo's starting left to right, top to bottom:
  1. Hardenbergia - A native climber/ground cover, which looks a little similar to Wisteria
  2. A couple of paintings I've been working on recently.
  3. My satchel on the ground, surrounded by fallen yellow leaves - Taken at Handorf. Leather satchel by Elk.
  4. Lavender - Taken at Peppers cottage, Burra.
  5. Vase of hot pink Roses - Cut from our standard rose bushes.
  6. 'Vintage style' yellow Rose - Taken at Peppers cottage, Burra.
  7. Hardenbergia - Taken in our garden.
  8. Poppy - My first bloom for the season.

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