Monday, August 8, 2011

Gerhard Ritter's Solo Exhibition

Last night I went along to the opening of Gerhard Ritter's first solo exhibition, being held at the Blacksmith's Inn at One Tree Hill.
Gerhard is well known locally for his amazing portraits and animal portraits. And although his oil portraits are absolutely stunning, such perfect replicas and so 'life like', I was personally more taken with his work in watercolour which seemed to hold more artistic character.
As mentioned in the opening speech - When working with oils, you have the opportunity to go over and over your mistakes until you are happy. But when working with watercolour, you really only have one chance to get it right - A true testament to his skill and talent.

Images from Gerhard Ritter's blog:

I was particularly taken with his watercolour piece portraying an aboriginal fella, titled Martu (above). I have since discovered that the painting has was also chosen as the Editors Choice in the prestigious United Kingdom art magazine The Artist.
The exhibition is running till the 4th of September, held in the dining area at the Blacksmith's Inn. Gerhard as an extensive range of his paintings on show, and is definitely worth a look. The pub also has great food, and is lovely in the cooler months as it has a fire place in the main bar.

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