Friday, April 27, 2012

Home-Grown Veggies

Today is such a beautiful day; The perfect day to sit outside and eat homemade quiche and fresh picked salad for lunch.
Yesterday I attempted making quiche for the first time, which worked out suprisingly well.
I made my quiche with asparagus, leek, tomato and basil, and a sprinkling of crumbled blue cheese.
The lettuce and basil was picked from our veggie garden.

Mum has been working very hard on the veggie garden, and we are all reaping the rewards - Thanks Ma!
There's nothing better than home produce; The taste is a hundred times better than anything you would get from the supermarket, You can guarantee it's free of pesticides and hormones, And it saves on food wastage (How many times have you seen lettuce go to slop in your fridge before you have a chance to use it?).

There's also something very 'spiritually' satisfying about growing your own food. And just a little humbling to know you are doing your small bit for the environment and your own self sufficiency.


In a prior blog post (How to Germinate Fruit Seeds), I wrote of my endeavours to grow my own seedlings from seeds saved from store bought fruit; I didn't have quite as much luck as I had hoped. Almost all the seeds either went mouldy or just plain failed to germinate.
However, I did have success with the apple seeds, and we are now proud 'parents' to three small apple trees (one of our apple trees pictured - above, bottom right).

I've also been trying my hand at growing many other seedlings (with 'store bought' seeds) in 'newspaper' pots.
I purchased a Paper Pot Press online from Biome a couple years ago (A gorgeous eco store situated in Paddington, Queensland. If your not able to make it to the store, most of there products are available online), which is a nifty, yet simple press, that allows you to make small pots from strips of newspaper.
Once the seed has germinated, you simply transplant your seedling (paper pot and all!) into the garden, and the roots will grow through the paper pot, and eventually the pot will disintegrate into the soil.
I highly recommend it!


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