Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Carrickalinga - Fleurieu Peninsula


It's been quite a while since I last posted any photos; The above photos were actually taken back on the first weekend of Spring.
We were invited to Carrickalinga (not far from Normanville, in the Fleurieu Peninsula), along with my partners parents, to stay at their friends beach shack, to help them cut down a large tree on the property (which we "conveniently" arrived too late for).
During our short stay, we spent as much time on the beach as we could, where I collected shells, coral, sea sponge, even seaweed and sand.
When we got home, my 'beach loot' was put to good use. I used seaweed to make fertiliser for the garden; sand in the vegie garden; cuttlefish in the avery; and I used the shells and coral to create a beach display in a glass cloche.
We spotted the cows on our drive and pulled over to take a few photos.

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