Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tequila Sunrise

 Poppy Hot Pink
Orchids White & Purple Sunset Tequila Sunrise Beach Orange & Purple 
Poppy Poppies Hot Pink 

I have been a bit slack on the photo front of late, choosing instead to update and edit some of my already existing photos.
I've been enjoying experimenting with filters and textures, and uploading them to my Instagram gallery.

Generally I try to keep my photo editing to the bare minimum; I don't want to become one of those photographers who ends up dependent on their editing - I think it would be way too easy to develop lazy habits.
By restricting my photo editing, I'm forced to rely solely on my technique - Which, in turn, will hopefully aid me to better myself as a photographer.

I believe that no amount of editing can ever amount to that of a well executed photo.

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