Monday, June 6, 2011

My Love Affair With Fabric - Joanne Hughes


Art work by Joanne Hughes

Saturday I headed up to Mt Barker to the opening of a new exhibition, in which my Nanna, Joanne Hughes was the featuring artist. Held at the General Store Community Art Centre, her collection titled 'A Love Affair with Fabric' is a taster of her creative work with textiles from the past few years.

The collection shows off a broad range of her many talents, with varied techniques, fabric manipulation, embroidery - From wall hangings, to her more adventurous abstract designs.

Joanne Hughes (left)

As far back as I can remember, my Nanna has always been super talented when it comes to sewing and fabric. Growing up, she would make me clothes, hand make all my dolls clothes. She always made my costumes for occasions such as Book Week, dancing performances, school plays and concerts. I remember she even made the costumes for the Rotary Show that used to be held at the Shedley Theatre every year.
Older now, and not so in need of costumes, her talents will still never go unappreciated by me, as I'm lucky enough to have a Nanna who is always happy to fix, mend and take in my clothes!

For 5 years, beginning in 2001, she studied textile art and other art subjects at Para West Adult Campus. She has attended numerous classes and workshops, and has been involved with a range of artists groups. Combining her sewing skills, her broad knowledge of textiles, and her creative flair, she has gone on to exhibit pieces in many exhibitions and even win awards for her textile art! She is part of the committee that pushed for and founded The Gawler Community Gallery and is still the residing Publicity Officer. She was even President of the Gawler Quilting Circle and co-ordinated eleven local art and textile groups to present the Biennial Textile Art Weekend in both 2007 and 2009!

This is just a quick overview of her artistic background. I haven't even mentioned her other volunteer work with numerous charities, her work with the Baha'i Faith, traveling and performing with the folk band Gallimaufry, 30 years at a community radio station - She even wrote and published a book! Anyone who knows Joanne Hughes, would be aware of not only her talent, but her motivation, hard work and dedication, in which she has put into so many art, textile, community and charity groups. She is an amazing woman and I am very proud and honored to be her grand-daughter.

The exhibition will be running for the rest of the month of June, so please, if you get the chance, or just happen to be passing through Mt Barker for some reason, I highly recommend stopping by the General Store Community Art Space, off Albert St, to view some of my very talented Nanna's work.

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