Monday, June 6, 2011

My Love Affair With Fabric - Continued


On the way to the gallery Saturday afternoon we got a little lost, so we were a bit late (Me, late? Who'd ever have thought?!) and missed some of the opening speech. I also had a prior engagement later that afternoon, so unfortunately, I couldn't stay long either. I really wish I had more time to spend taking photos and maybe at least taken down the names of the other artists exhibiting.

The opening pulled quite a decent crowd, especially for Mt Barker. When we finally got there, we could barely fit in the room! The General Store Community Art Centre, is an old, small cottage turned gallery, with 4 rooms to display work and a kitchen/dining area. I most often prefer the small community galleries, over larger, private galleries, which can often feel somewhat stark. Plus, I'm a sucker for the little, quaint 'house turned shop/cafe/gallery' as I love all the little rooms, the history and the character.

Above are some of my favourite pieces from the other artists exhibiting. I have to mention, I felt that a lot of the work was severely under priced. I've seen crappy, mass produced prints at cheap shops that are more expensive! Even someone who is not art inclined cannot argue with the amount of time, effort and talent that goes into a piece, not to mention the fact that it's a one off!

If you or anyone else out there is looking to purchase some art, I highly recommend visiting your local community art gallery. There are some absolute bargains! Not only would you be supporting 'up and coming' artists and your local community talent, but you would be likely to pick up a piece at a very decent price - And you never know, the artist may make it big, and your art collection could one day be worth a small fortune!

I did have a bit of laugh at the opening - While taking photos, I was approached and asked if I was from the media! I would almost be inclined to think that it was a bad pick up line, except I was asked 5 times! Apparently, if you have an SLR, and are at a gallery, then you must be taking photos for the local paper! I might have to keep this information in mind, it may very well come in handy one day... (She said, as she stroked her cat and proceeded to laugh manically) Mind you, I did rather stick out, and looked some what out of place with the other visitors, being that I was the only person under the age of 50. (Not that I have anything against the 'young-challenged' of course!)

The last 2 photos are of some of the beautiful trees out the back of the gallery, that were the most wonderful shades of yellow! My photos do not do them justice! The Adelaide Hills are so beautiful this time of year. I've been meaning to go for a drive through the hills for a while now and spend a day taking photos of the autumn leaves - So watch this space!

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