Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gawler Community Gallery Shop


Yesterday my Mum and I went into The Gawler Community Gallery to drop off some pieces of work for the Members Exhibition and the Christmas Shop opening on the 10th of November.
I brought my trusty camera along so I could take some photos of the gallery shop to share here with you all.

If you are a regular visitor to my blog, you may have noticed I mention (shamelessly plug) The Gawler Community Gallery quite a lot in my posts. I love the gallery because it is a fantastic way to not only share local art with the community, but it also gives everyone a chance to exhibit their work (especially with the cheap room hire) - No matter the level of their artistic talent. My Nanna, Joanne Hughes, is one of the founding members of the gallery and it is run solely on volunteers (I've been a member since it was first opened and been volunteering for a couple years now). 
Their are 4 rooms in which to exhibit work (3 upstairs, 1 downstairs), but there is also a gallery shop, in which members (anyone can join) can display their work for sale.
Every year at Christmas, the shop is extended to the downstairs room, with a display of Christmas creations and gift ideas. This year I have made an effort to put in a few pieces.

So if you get the chance, please come and visit the gallery. Come and show your support for local artistic talent, and get back to the heart and spirit of Christmas with handmade gifts. If your creative yourself, why not become a member and have a go at selling some of your own creations.

1. The Gawler Community Gallery - Station Master's House, Gawler Railway Station, Twenty Third St, Gawler South - Opened 10am-4pm, Thursday through to Sunday. (The term 'Railway Station' is used rather loosely - It's more of a 'bus' station at the moment, as they're re-doing the tracks and there's not actually any trains running.)
2. Gorgeous hand painted Christmas cards by Ellen Steyn - Original art work, a bargain at $5.
3. Display case in the Gallery Shop. A range of jewellery, bags, paintings, textile hangings, even drums, by local artists.
4. Just an example of some the work, hanging in the entrance hall.
5. Large assortment of handmade gift cards for sale.
6. Gallery Shop paintings, jewellery, scarfes.

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