Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Inside Their Home - Joanne & Ken Hughes

My Nanna and I organised a 'crafty' day spent at her house the other day, where she helped me with some of my art & craft projects. When it comes to working with fabric or thread - she is the woman to see.
While I was there, I took some photos so I could share with everyone my Nanna and Poppa's home.

I have always had a love and passion for home decor. Even as I child, I was already purchasing home decor magazines, cutting out my favourite interior designs (You can imagine over the years I've amassed quite a collection).

More recently, I've loved the idea of looking at the homes and studios of artists and creative types - I find it so fascinating to see the artists work space and their surrounding influences. I love seeing an individuals personality shine through their home; their loves and their collections and their travels.

Seems I am not alone in wanting to take a sneak peak into the homes of artists; I recently came across website and book, Where They Create by Paul Barbera - An interior based photographer, who sources out artists around the globe and photographs their creative environments. Frankie Magazine has also released a book called SPACES - 'It's all about lovely interiors from all over the world, where creative people live, work and play.'

My grandparents home is an accumulation of my Nanna's textile creations, collected art, patchwork throws & cushions, and worldly and cultural treasures from their travels.

Every time I visit their home, I find myself discovering new art and creations - Although my Nanna tells me that she has given a lot of her work away since I was last there, even sending some off to Vanuatu.

My Nanna & Poppa are two of the most influential people in my life (along with my Mum and Dad), although probably unknowingly and unintentional. My Poppa, Ken Hughes is a Chiropractor and practices Natruopathy and Homeopathy among many other studied and learned healing practices. He is also an extremely talented and accomplished self taught musician and plays the accordion and harmonica among many instruments. Both my Poppa and my Nanna were a part of the rather successful folk music group, Galimaufrey for 25 years. My Nanna, Joanne, is an amazing textile artist, deeply involved in the local art world and community. She has been a part of and even chaired numerous community groups and for years she has been on community radio. They are members of the Bahai faith, are well traveled and have spent a lot of their time volunteering and working for charity.

I in turn share a lot of their passions: A love of art, textiles, music and alternative health and natural healing. I aspire to live a life as creatively and charitable as theirs.

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