Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Currently Exhibiting...


On the right, is a photo I took today of the exhibition by Peacock Lane Photography at The Gawler Community Gallery, exhibiting from the January the 19th till February the 26th. (The photo on the left is of some Lisianthus in a our garden)
I'm very excited about the current exhibitions - I've been helping the artists to organise, and it's wonderful to see their end results.
Other artists exhibiting include Bianca Ottawa, Yvonne Juanay, Kimberley Hargrave and Carol Clue.
To get a sneak preview of the work exhibiting, all you need to do is 'like' the galleries Facebook site (Come on, do it now - It will only take a second. Just click on the link and press 'like'. You know you wanna...)
I'm now updating the Facebook site and will try to post information and photos regularly

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