Sunday, January 8, 2012

Semrau Wedding - Getting Ready for the Big Day!


I was lucky enough to be a part of the most gorgeous wedding on the weekend - The joining in hand of Elise & Josh Semrau.

I got my camera out in the morning, and took a few shots while we were at the beauty salon, although, I think I was a little too distracted to be taking photos!
I'm so excited to see what the very talented photographer, Simmone Edwards, captured through out the day!

The brides dress was absolutely breath taking! (quite literally we discovered later in the day) and everything about the day was just so beautiful it was almost overwhelming!

During the reception they also had a wonderful 'photo booth' set up - Complete with costumes, props and white back drop, available for all wedding guests - Which I definitely used to it's full advantage! The newly married couple may get a little surprise when they see just how much!
Jasmine, fellow bridesmaid and now sister-in-law to Elise, and myself, managed to use every prop and accessory available for the photo booth set up! A big thanks to Simmone for putting up with us!

Also, I would like to say a big thank you to the beauty salon, for their beautiful work and for allowing us to take over the place the entire morning. And a big thank you to Amy at Style & Grace for her gorgeous styling and decorative work.

And of course, sending all my love to beautiful new couple and their lovely, lovely family - Big collective hug to you all!
(No need to mention the bridal party - It's quite obvious we're awesome)

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